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See Jane Win

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The following are excerpts from reviews of
See Jane Win


"Overall, this is a useful compendium of sound advice and enlightening case studies that ultimately serves to underscore one vital point: Parents do make a difference. Sugar and spice are certainly nice, but See Jane Win offers a more substantial recipe for the raising of daughters." ------- Shawn Carkonen

Library Journal, June 15, 1999:

". . . her fascinating book offers conclusions that are insightful and frequently surprising. Numerous case studies relate both the pleasures and the pain of success. . ."

You Go, Girl (With a Lot of Support)
Los Angeles Times, May 24, 1999:

". . . Parents can learn how to counter the negative forces and give their girls a platform to succeed, according to "See Jane Win," a new book by Sylvia Rimm, a correspondent for NBC's "Today" show.

Joined by her two daughters, both accomplished women, Rimm conducted a survey of 1,236 women nationwide considered to have successful and satisfying professional careers. She also conducted in-depth interviews with several high-achieving women whose stories are quite compelling. The book is a fascinating look at why people become who they are.
Parents will take away many practical tips and good advice on how to encourage their daughters to aim high."------- Shari Roan,

Kirkus Reviews

"A paint-by-the-numbers plan for raising daughters that calls for being challenging but not too challenging, supportive but not too supportive, and promoting a work ethic.

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