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Are you on the Path to Your Dreams?

Where are you on the road to becoming an l CAN girl? Take the quiz to find out. Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. That way you can take the quiz again another time, or invite a friend to take it. When you're done, you may want to talk about your answers with important people in your life. But don't compare your answers with anyone else's to see who did "better." There are no winners or losers here. The quiz is meant to help you and your friends become the best you can be so you all can achieve your goals.

1. Write the number that best describes what you think about your future.

1 - I can't imagine that I'll ever do anything important or really cool.

3 - l expect that when I grow up I'll have an important job and cool hobbies.

2 - I may grow up to do something important, but it’s hard to imagine.

2. Count the adults you can think of (mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, teacher; and so on) who have told you they think you might do something special when you grow up. Write that number on your paper.

1 2 3 4+

3. Write the number that best describes how smart you feel.

4 - Really smart

2- A little below average

3 - Average

1 - Don't ask

. 4. Write the number that best describes bow much you like to read.

1 - Not much

4 - A lot

3 - Pretty much:

2 - A little

5. Write the number of activities and lessons you take outside of school.

0 1 2 3 4+

6. Write the number that best describes how you deal with competition.

2 - I hate to lose. 1t makes me mad or sad, and sometimes I quit.

1 - 1 hate competition and stay away unless I'm sure I can win.

4 - l love competition and keep trying, even when I lose.

7. Write the number that best describes how much you speak up in school.

1 - I volunteer to speak up once in awhile.

4 - I speak up a lot in class.

3 - 1 speak up an average amount.

1 - 1 don't ever speak up unless I'm called on.

8. Write the number that best describes how independent you are.

2 - I don’ like doing things alone but will sometimes if no one else is around.

4 - I like thinking up things to do on my own sometimes.

1 - I only do things with friends, never alone.

9. Write the number that best describes how hard a worker you are.

1 - I don't like hard work and try not to.

4 - I work very hard and stay with it, even when things are difficult.

3 - I work pretty hard but sometimes give up when the work is too tough.

10. Write the number that best describes how you think.

4 .I have a lot of good ideas.

2 - I hardly ever have good ideas.

1 - I never have any good ideas.

3 - Sometimes l have good ideas.

11. Write the number that best describes your friends.

3 - Most of my friends are good students.

2 - Some of my friends are good students and some are not.

1 - Most of my friends are not good students.

12. Write the number that best describes how you feel about the advice you get from adults.

1 - The adults I know don't understand me, so I often ignore what they say.

2 - Even when adults give me good advice, sometimes I'd rather not take it.

4 - I`m lucky to know adults I can turn to for advice when I have a problem.


If you've been honest with yourself, you've probably answered some questions on this quiz with 1s, or 2s and others with 3s or 4s. The 3s and 4s are your strengths and the 1s are your weaknesses. (The 2s are somewhere in the middle.). Add up all your scores. If the total is:

30 or above - You have a bright future ahead. Reading this book will encourage you and give you confidence to follow your dreams.

15-29 - You may hit a few roadblocks on your way. This book will help you get back on track toward your dreams.

14 or below - It's time to make some changes so you care dare to dream. This book will help point you in the right direction.

The goal here isn’t to have a perfect score. It's to believe in yourself and your ability to learn as you grow. Remember that you can learn from mistakes and that if you don't make some mistakes, you’re probably not learning.

Also read How to Raise a Whole Smart Family at this web site and go to www.sylviarimm.com for Dr. Rimm's many other parenting articles.


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