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doctor (4740 bytes)
big girl reading (80786 bytes)
little girl reading (100450 bytes) nurse (6984 bytes) girl baseball player (5438 bytes)

See Jane Win

Ladder to Success (8063 bytes)


The Top Ten Problems That
Girls and Women Face

Number 1 (950 bytes)

Self-esteem is tied to being pretty and popular
Number 2 (3810 bytes)

The "airhead" mystique: Airheads are "hot" and popular;
"Brains" are boring.Number 3(5422 bytes)

Math stereotype: Girls can't do math;
Boys and Asian-Americans can.


Number 4 (658 bytes)

Parent stereotypes - dads are smart; Moms aren't; they just work hard.Number 5 (3726 bytes)

Competitiveness is unfeminine; Hide desire to win and give up.Number 6 (5758 bytes)

Leadership is unfeminine;
Female leaders are often called "bossy" or "aggressive."

Number 7 (1334 bytes)

Perfectionism and risk takingNumber 8 (6564 bytes)

Pressure to not invest in too long of an education.

Number 9 (5726 bytes)

Mothering metamorphosis;
Can women continue to be "fire eaters" and mothers?


Number 10  (950 bytes)Number 10 (4306 bytes)

Glass ceilings and sticky floors


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